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We all agree — and we hope you do too — that successful SMS
marketing is about building relationships. So, we’ve designed our
pricing structure to help you do just that.

With all those messages, you can start sending out newsletters
on a wide range of topics or survey your contacts to learn more
about them. You can even send out an informative multi-part
autoresponder series — such as an ecourse or sales follow-up —
all for the same price our competition charges for sending out a
single SMS blast.

To Connect Right Away, Sign Up then Get sending

SMS offers a powerful means of interacting directly to new and
existing customers via their mobile phone. The messages can
be personalised and sent within pre-determined time frames
ensuring your marketing messages receive the maximum level
of exposure.

ADEMYKE MOBILE provides a range of range of SMS options

::> Bulk messaging

::> Premium Rate SMS

::> Short code / Keyword rental

::> SMS vouchers


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SMS can be used for
::> Competitions

::> Reverse auctions

::> Voting

::> Text for brochure

::> Text to email

::> Subscription services

::> Store/Service locator

SMS Unit Calculator
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"calculate" button to see Total Amount

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*See table beside For Units / Price range

SMS Quantity Range
Amount Per Unit
1 - 199
200 - 4,999
5,000 - 19,999
20,000 - 49,999
200,000 - 999,999

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